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Find Silence & Calm.
 in the poetry of
Yoga & Art  

Practice meditation & art

at home with online classes

 the BliSS Movement Manifesto

Bliss is This... 

community of Like-Minded Souls who adore the

Yoga & Artist Way.

If Illuminating Your Life with the YOGA & ART Touches you, Bliss Movements will be a Mainstay in your

daily life.

the POETRY of Life

Image by Jared Rice
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Unique & Simple Approach

Experienced & Professional 

Meditation in Action inducing Expressive Therapeutic Art.
Create Your heART.
Spontaneous in nature, filling the Soul as a Much-Needed Outward Expression of the Soul. 

Soul Rejuvenation 
Zenful Practice

Archetypal work
Candle Magic

"Tapping into the emotions of our inner world and give life a sense of personal meaning."

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Yoga Therapist & 30+ year Yoga Practitioner/Teacher

Eastern-Based Yoga Philosophy

Mindful Therapeutic Art in Action



Carrie B
Yoga Therapist
Therapeutic Art Facilitator

CEO: Poetic Inspiration

Jewelry Designer 


30+ Year Yoga Veteran

Asana | Kundalini


Sensual Om

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Art-Infused Meditation 



Sound Meditations


creations for You!

Live Sound & Artistic Sessions

Azuka, AZ

A wonderful experience, and it’s an opportunity to be in the moment and get out of your head. I found the process to be very valuable, even if it’s hidden within the end product...

Printable Downloads for You 

As a Yogi Creator, you will find the latest Digital Downloads.

I adore creating for you, for me and for the Mindful Art Actions I delve in.


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Latest Videos 

for You.... I Create. for Me... I Create 

together, we Create the Poetics of Our Lives & Loves

health & breath

mind & body