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the yogis journey originated in 1994 in Tempe, AZ & continues emphasizing Eastern Yogic Wisdom with an emphasis on Asana Precise Alignment, Kundalini Moves, Breathing Techniques (Pranayama) & Meditation.

♥  the journey  practices thoughtful & reflective yoga to promote both physical  and mental well-being. Both Hatha & Kundalini

♥ Learn to Create! Your inner artist is dying to make your life more creative. Acrylic, Watercolor & Mixed Media Painting Classes. 

♥ Choose to be an Active Yogi & a Super Creative!

I design Yogic-Inspired Jewelry & am newly creating digital media.’s that Bliss Movement thing

             Art is my PASSION! Yes, the Meditate to Create © Program

the yogis journey Founder

Carrie B *

Founder | Facilitator

E-RYT500, M.Ed. IYAT

We are Mindful & Intentional!

“Don’t seek, don’t search, don’t ask, don’t knock, don’t demand ~ relax. If you relax it comes, if you relax it is there. If you relax, you start vibrating with it.”―Osho

The Original Journey began in 1990 when Yoga serendipidiously appeared graciously through a book at an Aveda Salon I owned; “Rejuvenation: A  Wellness Guide for Men & Women.” It was quickly devoured, hence the Beginning of my Yoga Journey…
 30+ Year Veteran Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Art Teacher since 2008 & currently teaching at a Phoenix High School where kiddos are engaged in what they didn’t think they could do, to creative Wonderful Art Pieces. We delve into graphite, pastel & colored pencil drawings. Acrylic & watercolor paintings, “found object” art, calligraphy, blacked-out poetry, collage, sculpture…and these are my offerings to you!



I design Yogic-Inspired Jewelry & Art! 

the yogis journey began in 1990, evolving into a veteran yoga facilitator, owning two yoga studios, teaching art, making jewelry & I love teaching kiddos the process of art.

my soul inspired to bring reflections off the mat using imagination & therapeutic art and the subtle education received both in real time & finding time.

Are You Ready for the journey

It’s a Bliss Movement…


What I Do

Ananda is the BLiSS you Live

extreme happiness, one of the highest states of being.

"the ananda of divine love”


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