If It's Not Sensual, Love, You Need to Re-Evaluate Your Approach.

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” ~ Rumi

Women want to be inspired by your depth. We need your depth, the ability to show up as we grow together in the kitchen, the car, the couch and, of course, the bedroom. So how do you get Sensual with your partner (or potential partner?)

1. Bathe her in kind words...No Matter What! She will reciprocate.

2. Know what she loves, she will certainly know what you love.

This comes from getting to really know her on all levels of her body & her mind. She already has taken notice of your likes & dislikes intuitively; she doesn't expect you to know if she's already an Awakened Soul…she IS! Do you have an Awakened Soul? Females & males are absolutely different species. Women have the innate ability to know what a man wants after spending little time with them.

3. Intellectual stimulation is a massive turn on when you can ignite the mind & emotions.

4. Touch her gently. That means not only her body, but her #soul.

5. Read her erotica & poetry. This will touch her heart. YOU Want to capture her heart or she'll not trust you to touch her body. I don't know a single woman who would not melt if you read Rumi (the poet) to her.

6. Bathe with her (or shower for that matter). She wants to be touched, sensually...erotically. It makes her feel like a real woman. With a "real" #woman, you will have your way together as you mold & intertwine.

7. Cuddle with her no matter what mood she's in. This activates her oxytocin & pheromones. Scents are arousing and my #1 is vanilla.

8. Feed her. Not only with luscious healthy, wholesome food, feed her emotionally. Stand behind her. If she's feeling down or tired, give her a foot rub or give her a scalp massage. This is a great time to unite as ONE because she will certainly reciprocate these actions with you. She wants you to feel supreme like you.

9. Watch a movie that she picks out. Macho men who love action (death, guns, etc.); there is no place for this when you're trying to enliven your woman. Unless she's into that.

10. Sing or hum or whisper softly to her. She loves the seduction.

These are the 10 most important ones for me. There are so many more, but let's get started with these recommendations of lust & love while we shine purple, silver & gold together.

Om Shanti, my love!