Wild Hearts everywhere.Thank you Stevie...

Today is turning into being such a reflective day as I watch Stevie's new concert, "24 Karat Gold Tour," Reflective in many ways as she was a big influence in my early 20's & still today. To have such a strong woman to look up to without apologies, an icon shining her star being one of the Golden Ones, not to be confused with anyone but the Stevie Nicks. She, in part, unleashed my WILD HEART, the woman I am today.

to...all the Wild Hearts who may seem lost. we are not lost, we are perpetual Wanderers, hence the yogis journey takes me to the places in these words....

"Something in my heart died last night Just one more chip off an already broken heart I think the heart broke long ago That's when I needed you When I needed you most That's when I needed you When I needed you most
I run around like a spirit in flight Fearlessness is fearlessness I will not forget this night Dare my wild heart Dare my wild heart
Where is the reason Don't blame it on me Blame it on my wild heart As to the seasons You fought from the beginning Long before I knew it There was a danger And the danger was To fall in love
In dark sorrow They gaze down into the darkest heart If I leave you You say not even you can tear us apart Say you're leaving You say you don't even know How to start... how to start... how to start Well... believe it then And don't blame it…

i am the spirit in the night

daring my wild heart

to love

to enchant

to bring love

for the lost

the lonely

as i create the magic

through vision & words

never lost, just consoled.

chase your wild heart

be blessed to start

each day as a blessing

a prayer

a vessel of love

no sorrow

no blame or shame

my wild heart, untamed.

Thank you, Stevie