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Change the Way
We Think about Tantra Energy & Sensuality

Sexuality is an integral part of our individual happiness and identity; however, sex is shrouded in judgment and taboo - and we want to change that!

Dispelling Myths of Tantra....

Many think of Tantra as a way to enhance their sexuality. While that is an amazing benefit of practicing Tantra, that’s only part of the picture. 

Sensual OM isn’t just a practice. It is method of spiritual advancement as derived from a sophisticated lineage of yogic masters of the ancient world. These methods enable us to cultivate the energy of our bodies (physical, energetic), mind and soul, so we can blossom into our authentic natures. By doing so, we can more joyfully and skillfully engage in our contemporary world. By recognizing our power within the quantum field of love and light, and the influences we can have within it, we can master positive change in our own lives and of the world. 


Sensual OM Kriya Yoga & Ecstatic Movement ("Dance") is a unique approach within the variety of Tantric paths, a system for safely activating your cosmic consciousness—Kundalini. The ego mind believes having its desires fulfilled will bring happiness but that is seldom true. The Soul lives in BLiSS. By identifying more and more with your divine nature, you release your desires and discover who you truly are.

Yoga at Home





  • Removing trauma from the body

  • Re-sensitizing the body

  • Opening the energy in the body for more intense, full body Erotic SELF-CARE

  • Releasing fears, anxiety, feelings of unworthiness

  • Elevating the frequency of the man's or woman's energy

  • Realigning the man/woman to their natural polarity

  • Releasing conditionings and old belief systems from the body

        … and much more.


Remove the Taboo.

Don’t Be Ashamed. 

Image by Shashi Chaturvedula


Somewhere in the World, a Woman, a Man, a Couple or a "Soloist" can Benefit from a


Personal Practice.

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